Wk 3 – Artist Conversation -Sarah Allsup


Artist: Sarah Allsup

Exhibition: Altered Landscapes

Media: Portraits, Pictures

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: Unknown

Instagram: Unknown

Sarah Allsup is a student that attends the University of Central Florida. Sarah had two photographs of landscapes on display that showed pictures of mountains with a sky. Her art work was at display at the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. At the Merlino Gallery there was an exhibition in exchange of art work between Cal State Long Beach and the University of Central Florida. The pictures inside Merlino Gallery were chosen by a judge in order to make it on display. Sarah was not at the Merlino Gallery and I was not able to obtain her website or Instagram. However, I was able to meet Nicole the exhibit coordinator. Nicole is a senior at CSULB and is an undergraduate student attending the School of Arts Photography program working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Nicole has been coordinating the exhibits for two years now.

The two photographs include a peak of a snowy mountain with an orange cloudy sky for the first photograph and a cloudy blue sky for the second photograph. The shots taken are of America’s Southwest of landscapes that are untouched by man.The images were first shot on film and then digitally scanned. The digital scans were then manipulated in order to change the colors of the sky and surroundings. These photographs are on top of a white frame that make them stand out more.

These photographs depict two different colors of the sky giving two different points of view. The orange sky gives the impression of hot and smokey while the blue sky gives the impression of cold and dark. In Sarah’s statement she mentions man is always at a struggle to manipulate their surroundings to meet their specific needs. The images were heavily manipulated to give the impression of how man manipulates nature in the same way.

I found her photographs to be interesting because they portrayed different circumstances to me. In the orange sky, I felt a message of hot hard times to be faced while the blue sky gave me the message of cold and a dark hibernation stage. When I read Sarah’s statement it explained the Man vs Nature aspect of these photographs. Sarah mentions that man is always manipulating its surroundings in order to make a better suited environment for themselves. Her statements gave me a better understanding of her photographs and it kinda correlated with the message I got from them. Man has been manipulating its surroundings to survive and the orange sky represented the hard grind of spring and summer; while the blue sky represented the long winter hibernation state of the end of the year. It would have been great to meet Sarah Allsup in person to talk about her art and what message I got from it compared to the message she is trying to portray.






Wk 3- Classmate Conversation

In week three I had the opportunity to have my classmate conversation with Selena Lara. Selena classifies herself as a Chicana and does not want to be considered Hispanic. Selena is bilingual and speaks the languages of English and Spanish on a daily basis so she does not forget either of the languages. Selena’s major at CSULB is for Healthcare Administration because she wants to be the boss when she finishes school. Not to long ago Selena had a panic attack two semesters ago and learned how to deal with her panic attacks by going to therapy. In therapy Selena learned how to manage her anxiety and depression which has been very helpful for her. Photography has had the most influence in the way Selena is today. Art has a calming effect on Selena as well as a soothing and makes her feel at peace of mind. Photography also inspires Selena and she didn’t really see the beauty of it until after her depression. Selena feels that she wants to be calm like the photography she views.img_0905

Week 2: Landscapes with a Corpse

For this weeks art activity “Landscapes with a Corpse” I had my good friend Joe help me out in taking the pictures. I used his Toyota 4runner, his bike, and his driveway. The thoughts I had on these photos was of myself on a bike crashing into his car. When I was a kid I got into two bike accidents involving a car and felt that the third would be my last. There is a saying,  “third time is the charm” so I have always  feared getting hit by a car the third time. I feel as if the third time will take my life and there is no coming back from that. I thought that this activity would have taken a long time but once we positioned everything we did it in a total of about fifteen minutes. It was a fun activity while we were doing it because I felt silly laying on the floor as if I had  been in a wreck. This experience was good and would not mind doing it again because it brings out your creative side. Joe and I both put our ideas together as to what we wanted the photos to be and look. The feeling of seeing yourself dead laying on the floor can be a bit eerie even though you know it is not real. Every person is afraid in some way of their demise especially if you feel that you have not accomplished everything you want to do in life.

Week 2: Classmate Conversation

This week in class I met Janis Vernier and had the chance of getting to know a little about him. Janis is a foreign exchange student from Hamburg, Germany that is studying Illustration and game design. Janis came here to Cal State Long Beach to study abroad and learn about our culture first hand and also study illustration. Janis enjoys taking extra classes to learn more and it makes him feel more knowledgeable. In class we also had the chance to discuss if art is important, and in today’s world. Janis feels art is important because it can bring people together from all walks of life. Janis also feels that it is great when people spend their free time on art. He believes people can use art as problem solving methods for instability. Art can be important by making people sensible towards problems and issues. A good example is when controversial art is used to portray a message for a struggle that is to often ignored by people. Art can also relax people because they enjoy the art as it can come in many forms. Art can be images, music, poetry, stories, and graffiti to name a few different forms of art.  IMG_0874

Week 1: Plaster Casting

This activity of making a mold at the beach was fun and relaxing. It took me a total of forty-five minutes to make. I made two molds in case one of them was bad; it was a good idea. The first mold came out bad and the second mold was not great but it was better. I took a book with me to read while the plaster was setting. This was the first time ever doing an activity like this so it was fun to experience something new. This activity can be used to spend your leisure time and enjoy the beach at the same time. If you become good at making molds you can then decorate your house with them or sell them. Decorating your house with molds you make can be a great way to make your own personal art impact in your home that no one else will have.

Week 1: Classmate Conversation

IMG_0863In class I had the opportunity to meet Briana Garcia and she is the oldest of her siblings. When it comes to sports; Briana plays basketball, tennis, softball, and volleyball. Out of all these sports Briana prefers basketball as her favorite sport. Briana also likes to travel and has been to places like Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Las Vegas,  and Rosarito to name a few. Briana has experienced the Art and Culture of these various regions. For this reason it has made Briana want to travel more and would like to go to Cancun next. My definition of Art is any form of activities that are creative and can bring an emotion or satisfaction to any person involved. It can be the art creator or a spectator that is touched or moved by the art in any form or matter.