Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Daniel Velazquez

In this weeks classmate conversation I had the chance to talk to Daniel Velazquez. Daniel is a undergraduate student that is in his Junior year at Cal State University Long Beach and Daniel is attending the Electrical Engineering program. Daniel went to Cal State University Long Beach straight out of high school from Dominguez Hills High School.  Exercising and running are two of Daniel’s hobbies he enjoys doing the most. Daniel also likes cars and would like to have a new Chevrolet Corvette when he finishes school. Daniel likes fan art because people can express their favorite characters from fiction with their own twists. He feels it gives a lot of freedom to express how that person views that fictional character versus having to stay in the norms of that fictional character. img_1086


Wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Network

In this weeks art activity we had the opportunity to participate in a Fiber Art Social Network. The entire Art 110 class brought pictures of themselves and used color paper as background to make a node and staple it on the wall. Afterwards people connected each other with string to people they knew before the class, did art activities together with, or did a classmate conversation. The term Social Network can apply to both your RL life and you RL physical friends. The reason for this is that the physical friends will normally be part of your Social Network friends because you guys hang out often. The difference is that Social Network allows you to be friends with people that you normally would not spend time with. It kinda allows for you to keep up to date with what those friends are doing without really having to spend time with them to know. I agree with Dunbar’s number unless you are a person that has a job where you have to work with hundreds of people on a daily basis where large teams have to work together. Having more than 150 physical friends and being able to keep up with all of them would be a difficult task in itself. When you reach a total of more than 1,000 friends it is more of a networking tool to help you when you are in need of something. Most of these friends can be club and party promoters, physical trainers, or art show exhibitors in which you will only really for when you are trying to those kind of activities. The Art 110 Social Network came out exactly how I pictured it to be because only the people that I have done the classmate conversations tied strings to my node. I would be happy to have ten good close relationships with friends but if I can attain more close relationships than ten I would not mind. I have a little over 500 friends on Facebook and I interacted with them all on a daily basis before in my life. It was not all at once but I met my friends through going to a school, working with them, or meeting them through other friends. The weak ties between all my friends from Social Networks has definitely helped me out before when it came to getting a job or getting a good deal on an event.

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Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Yingying Fu

Artist: Yingying Fu

Exhibition: The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean

Media: Canvas, Oil Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: @yingyingfuzhang


In this weeks artist conversation I had the chance to look at Yingying Fu’s art exhibition of “The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean” in the Gatov gallery West. Yingying Fu is a senior attending CSULB School of Art and is working on her Master in Fine Arts for Drawing and Painting. Yingying is a Chinese student that came to the United States three years ago and this exhibition is her senior project. This will be Yingying’s final semester at CSULB because she will be graduating after Fall 2016.

The exhibition consists of paintings of people at the beach enjoying their day and relaxing. The oil paintings were very colorful showing a lot of contrasting colors and texture in the paintings making them very nice. A few paintings had women laying on the beach getting a tan and relaxing on the sand.

The paintings are about Yingyings new beginning in her art work. Yingying had two traditional styled Chinese oil paintings that were very nice to show her cultural roots mixed with Southern California. The rest of the oil paintings were of people in a California beach relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. Yingying tried to emphasize on bright colors and free brush strokes on her oil paintings of the beach so they can symbolize the Californian sunshine.

I really liked Yingying’s oil paintings because it showcases her amazing talent and great use of bright colors to capture the California sunshine. All the beach oil paintings remind me of the beach like it was yesterday and entices me to want to go on the next sunny day. I really liked her traditional Chinese style oil paintings because they show great detail on the men’s robes and the trees. I also like how she incorporated a guy shirtless doing sit-ups to make that connection to Southern California.

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Wk 9 – Art Care Package

In this weeks art activity I had the chance to make an art care package and send it to my mother. At first I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to make the art care package out of but then I decided to sketch a drawing. It also took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to sketch but I eventually decided to make a sketch of a koi fish. I really like Japanese style koi fish tattoos so I used a tattoo as a platform to sketch from. I have not really sat down and sketch since I was in elementary so I surprised myself after finishing the sketch of the koi fish. It is amazing how our mind can do something that it has not done in a long time and just pick up where you left off. Sending an art care package is similar to snapchat because it is a spur of the moment idea that you are sending. It is a form of showing the person that you are thinking about them at that moment and they are a special person to you. An art care package is different from snapchat because it can take a few days for it to arrive to the person that you are sending it to. Snapchat is an instantaneous form of sending pictures or videos to that person making it not as meaningful because all you have to do is send, and withing second the other person can view it. I think ephemera is valuable because you are saving something that means not much and kind of keeping it as a time stamp. Later on in life you will be able to see the item that would normally be thrown away and it will bring memories of that moment. It is also a great way of recording history that would normally be lost in time. There can be a difference between art seen by many people and art seen by one person in that art care package. The art care package will have an emotional connection to that specific person making it more valuable to them. Although snapchat is created, sent, and received in seconds no matter where you are, it is still the thought that counts. Art care package can be more exciting because you have to wait for it to arrive making it more suspenseful.


Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Artist: Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Paintings, Strings, Pictures, Dummy

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: Dbvphotography.com (Daniel website)

Instagram: Deliaeffect

In this weeks artist conversation I had the chance to talk to two artists that set up the Infraction exhibition. Dalia is an undergraduate student that got rejected from the BFA photography program and had the opportunity to set up this exhibition with Daniel. Daniel is also an undergraduate student that did not get into his BFA program after his first attempt in applying. Daniel is a transfer student from the College of the Sequoias. They were both allowed to participate as a non-degree exhibition.

The art exhibition of Infraction was a combination of paintings along the walls with lots of colors and black and white paintings. Each painting had strings attached running along the wall that connected all the paintings. In the farthest corner, the strings came off the wall and crossed across the room in zig zag patterns going back and forth from one wall to the next. The strings had pictures hanging off of them in the middle of the space where there is no wall that attached to a dummy that was kneeled down on the floor.

The exhibition is about people not being able to get into the art program of their choice and wanting to give a voice to those people. The two artists wanted a chance to voice their frustration of rejection so that every person that viewed their exhibition would be able to understand them. The artists wanted the exhibition to be seen as a receptacle of broken dreams and devoid of hope while being creative and showcasing their art work.

I liked their art exhibition because it is different from other exhibitions I have seen. This exhibition definitely gave me the impression of a person being tortured by their thoughts floating around in the air while the person is kneeled. I really liked the way the art flowed from one wall to the next, from being colorful to dark, to black and white, as if it is a wall of emotions and frustrations all revolving together.

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Wk 8 – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

In this weeks Wednesday class meet up I had the chance to do some sketches at the Japanese Garden and I must say it was really fun. I had a hard time at first with trying to pick something to draw but once I had one down it became a little easier. This activity made me realize that as long as you have a pencil and a sketch book you can go outside and just sketch away. It does not have to be great but as long as you try, it has a very relaxing, stress relieving experience. The 30 second warm up sketches are the ones that took me the most time to draw because there was to many choices to pick from and didn’t know what to pick. In the sketch where you choose a a place of the garden to sketch I put in the most effort. It was easier to pick out an area that I liked and just start sketching it out. The hand sketch didn’t come out to bad but I kinda kept glancing down when drawing the lines of my hand. It is hard to go against what your body does out of reaction and letting go of what you don’t have control over. The sketch where we sketched the garden without looking down was easier to do because I did it after the hand sketching. I thought it was going to come out bad but once I finished it came out better than I thought it was going to be.

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Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation

In this weeks classmate conversation I got the chance to talk to Stephen De Vila at the Japanese Garden at CSULB. Stephen is twenty years old and is a undergraduate Film Major  working towards his Bachelor  Degree of Arts. We both had the opportunity to discuss the question of the week, ” Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?”. Stephen feels that he would be supportive of his kids wanting to be art majors and would also want his parents to be supportive if he was an art major as well. He feels that people look down on art majors because they feel there is no money in it. Stephen finds it important to be supportive of his kids because money is not everything in life and should allow your kids to pursue whatever makes them happy. img_1020