Wk 15: Finger Painting

In this week’s art activity we had to do a finger painting on the paper canvas from the art package that was bought in the beginning of the semester. I had fun doing the finger painting because there was no image or picture trying to be mimicked and it was just more a get paint on your fingers and go at it. This made it more fun because there was no intention of making it look good other than just slapping paint down on the canvas and seeing what comes out of it. I felt that it was easier than expected because there was no pressure in making it look good and elegant. I felt this finger painting was liberating and inspiring because you just let yourself go and there is no structure behind the idea that is being put down on the paper. It is as if the colors create the painting more than the idea behind it and it is interesting seeing that happen. This activity is different than the graffiti writing because in the graffiti writing you had to write out your name and follow the guidelines of graffiti. In the finger painting you are allowed to just let go of the structure and just make whatever comes out from just putting down the paint without caring how it looks. A connection can be found between both of them can be the intricate use of colors to grab a person’s attention because the more bright and colorful it is the more a person will want to look at it. img_1138


Wk 15: Extra Credit Feedback

I had a good time in this class this semester so I thought it would be cool to give some feedback to what we did during the semester in terms of my 3 favorite and the 3 least favorite activities. The 3 favorite activities for me in order of best to last were the graffiti writing, sketching in the garden, and the art care package. I had never participated in graffiti before because it is against the law but being able to do it legally was very fun. The 3 least favorites were the automatic drawing, landscapes with a corpse, and the vlogs. The automatic drawing can be uncomfortable if done with someone that you are not comfortable with and awkward. The landscapes with a corpse puts you in a awkward place if you are uncomfortable of thinking up your own demise. I also really didn’t like the vlog because I don’t like posting up much stuff in social media so having to make a video on YouTube to link to WordPress felt invasive but that is just me.  I liked the hybrid format for this class because we only had to meet on Wednesday’s giving me more time for other courses. The SOA galleries visits made this class fun because it exposed me to a lot of art that I was not aware of in the first place. The classmate conversations were fun also because it enabled you to meet more people than you would normally meet. The artists conversations were not bad because it also made you interact with the artists to get a better understanding behind the ideas of their art. The art talks of the week were fun because it took you through time and showed you how art has evolved since recorded history and makes you appreciate art more as a whole. At the end of it all I really liked this course because it taught me a lot about art and the different forms of art that there is.

Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Christian Gallo

In this week’s classmate conversation I had the chance to talk with Christian Gallo in class. Christian is a Mechanical engineer student and he is working towards his Bachelor degree of Science in Mechanical engineering. Christian believes that the college experience will be the same for the most part other than newer buildings at campus and a more technological learning environment for students. Even though it is hard to predict the future Christian feels that society for the most part likes to stick to its norms and only really changes drastically if it is needed. Christian likes to relax and watch TV for his hobbies and prefers to stay at home rather than going out. img_1125

Week 14- Instagram

In this week’s activity we had the chance to take pictures and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #art110f16. Each student from the class had to post four pictures throughout the day on Wednesday and make sure to hashtag them so that it can create a group on Instagram so that everyone can view each others posts. When I went back to the group that the hashtag created I saw that there was a few posts of the water fountain in front of the Brotman Hall. I was not surprised because I myself also posted a picture of the water fountain. There was also a trend of a lot of selfies from student’s in which I thought it was pretty cool. I also noticed a good amount of pictures of student’s pets in the group created of cats and dogs. I did see a connection between my activities and the activities of other students. I tend to always be doing homework and there were a few posts of people studying or working on homework. There was also a good amount of people posting their drawn up ID cards on the group and I was one of them to do it also. It seems to me that it is a community of students that for the most part have a lot of similar activities. If students are not working or studying, they are spending time with their friends or family from the posts seen in the Instagram group. The pictures I have uploaded here are the same ones that I posted on Instagram.

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Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Joy Elizabeth

In this week’s classmate conversation I was able to talk to Joy in class and she is a senior attending Cal State University Long Beach as an Accounting Major. Joy will be graduating after this semester from CSULB and is excited to graduate because she feels it is a big accomplishment for herself. Joy’s favorite hobbies are photography and playing the piano and jukebox. For the classmate question of the week Joy said she would take the red pill because she always wants to know the truth behind everything because she rather know the truth no matter how harsh it is versus being blinded to believe anything she wants to believe.img_1122

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Polyurethane foam

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


In this week’s artist conversation I had the opportunity to meet Sage Garver. Sage is an undergraduate senior student at Cal State University Long Beach attending the School of Art in Sculpture and is working towards her Bachelor in Fine Arts. Sage is a transfer student from El Camino Community College and likes to go swimming and hiking for her leisure activities. Since transferring to Cal State Long Beach Sage has not had the time to participate in any leisure activities because she has been busy.

Sage’s exhibition of “Bio” looked like it was a lot of hard work to make. The walls had to be prepped and painted white before she was able to make the shapes all around the walls so that they looked three dimensional. There were shapes that resembled the bacteria of Amoeba and circles that looked like red blood cells. The shapes on the wall were made out of polyurethane foam so they could stick out of the wall and make it 3D.

The exhibition is trying to give the impression of biological forms and systems to create a sculptural and spatial environment for the viewer. The surfaces of the wall represent the inner workings of the human body to its cellular level and how patterns and symptons emerging from the wall correlate with what the human body endures every day. The exhibition also expresses how differences in normal processes can result in mutations and unfavorable illnesses, abnormal growths, and transformation.

I found the exhibition to give me the idea of a cellular universe in which the body does its normal processes to function normally. The objects that looked like bacteria can be seen as intruders that do not belong there and are there to create harm. I really liked how Sage had multiple different shapes all representing different cells from the body and different kinds of bacteria. It gave me the idea that the human body is always working hard to survive and fight off illnesses in the same way society struggles to fight off bad seeds that harm the good of society.

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Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Installation, Film Making, Wood Carving

Gallery: Marilyn Werby-West

Website: kylekrusearts.com

Instagram: @kyle.kruse


In this weeks artist conversation I had the chance to meet Kyle Kruse and he had his art exhibition in the Werby-Gallery. Kyle is a senior undergraduate student that is in his sixth year at Cal State University Long Beach attending the School of Art and Print making. Kyle likes to go rock climbing as a hobby when he has free time. Kyle has insomnia so he likes to work on his art while he can’t sleep at night.

In Kyle’s exhibition he had wood carvings on the wall that resembled masks of birds with beaks. He used film making to show case his videos of abstract scenes of people and just a field in the open. The masks that were on the small platforms had many colors on them making them more appealing and less terrifying.

Kyle is trying to relate the idea and message of the Greco-Roman myths of Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus and the cycles of human progress. Each god had a role in human progression according to their myths. Prometheus was forever chained in the circle of consumption of providing humans with fire and birth of civilization. Sisyphus is forever trying to climb the hill in defeating death and becoming immortal. Finally Janus in the center, is the god of beginnings, endings, and gate transitions.

I really liked his art exhibition because I found it to be a very creative way for him to share ancient Greco-Roman art. It shows us how simple pieces of art can have so much meaning if you know the history of that art piece. I have also found classical era art to be amazing and would like to see how they created art with what they had back in those days.

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