Wk 15: Finger Painting

In this week’s art activity we had to do a finger painting on the paper canvas from the art package that was bought in the beginning of the semester. I had fun doing the finger painting because there was no image or picture trying to be mimicked and it was just more a get paint on your fingers and go at it. This made it more fun because there was no intention of making it look good other than just slapping paint down on the canvas and seeing what comes out of it. I felt that it was easier than expected because there was no pressure in making it look good and elegant. I felt this finger painting was liberating and inspiring because you just let yourself go and there is no structure behind the idea that is being put down on the paper. It is as if the colors create the painting more than the idea behind it and it is interesting seeing that happen. This activity is different than the graffiti writing because in the graffiti writing you had to write out your name and follow the guidelines of graffiti. In the finger painting you are allowed to just let go of the structure and just make whatever comes out from just putting down the paint without caring how it looks. A connection can be found between both of them can be the intricate use of colors to grab a person’s attention because the more bright and colorful it is the more a person will want to look at it. img_1138


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