Wk 15: Extra Credit Feedback

I had a good time in this class this semester so I thought it would be cool to give some feedback to what we did during the semester in terms of my 3 favorite and the 3 least favorite activities. The 3 favorite activities for me in order of best to last were the graffiti writing, sketching in the garden, and the art care package. I had never participated in graffiti before because it is against the law but being able to do it legally was very fun. The 3 least favorites were the automatic drawing, landscapes with a corpse, and the vlogs. The automatic drawing can be uncomfortable if done with someone that you are not comfortable with and awkward. The landscapes with a corpse puts you in a awkward place if you are uncomfortable of thinking up your own demise. I also really didn’t like the vlog because I don’t like posting up much stuff in social media so having to make a video on YouTube to link to WordPress felt invasive but that is just me.  I liked the hybrid format for this class because we only had to meet on Wednesday’s giving me more time for other courses. The SOA galleries visits made this class fun because it exposed me to a lot of art that I was not aware of in the first place. The classmate conversations were fun also because it enabled you to meet more people than you would normally meet. The artists conversations were not bad because it also made you interact with the artists to get a better understanding behind the ideas of their art. The art talks of the week were fun because it took you through time and showed you how art has evolved since recorded history and makes you appreciate art more as a whole. At the end of it all I really liked this course because it taught me a lot about art and the different forms of art that there is.


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