Week 14- Instagram

In this week’s activity we had the chance to take pictures and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #art110f16. Each student from the class had to post four pictures throughout the day on Wednesday and make sure to hashtag them so that it can create a group on Instagram so that everyone can view each others posts. When I went back to the group that the hashtag created I saw that there was a few posts of the water fountain in front of the Brotman Hall. I was not surprised because I myself also posted a picture of the water fountain. There was also a trend of a lot of selfies from student’s in which I thought it was pretty cool. I also noticed a good amount of pictures of student’s pets in the group created of cats and dogs. I did see a connection between my activities and the activities of other students. I tend to always be doing homework and there were a few posts of people studying or working on homework. There was also a good amount of people posting their drawn up ID cards on the group and I was one of them to do it also. It seems to me that it is a community of students that for the most part have a lot of similar activities. If students are not working or studying, they are spending time with their friends or family from the posts seen in the Instagram group. The pictures I have uploaded here are the same ones that I posted on Instagram.

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