Wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Network

In this weeks art activity we had the opportunity to participate in a Fiber Art Social Network. The entire Art 110 class brought pictures of themselves and used color paper as background to make a node and staple it on the wall. Afterwards people connected each other with string to people they knew before the class, did art activities together with, or did a classmate conversation. The term Social Network can apply to both your RL life and you RL physical friends. The reason for this is that the physical friends will normally be part of your Social Network friends because you guys hang out often. The difference is that Social Network allows you to be friends with people that you normally would not spend time with. It kinda allows for you to keep up to date with what those friends are doing without really having to spend time with them to know. I agree with Dunbar’s number unless you are a person that has a job where you have to work with hundreds of people on a daily basis where large teams have to work together. Having more than 150 physical friends and being able to keep up with all of them would be a difficult task in itself. When you reach a total of more than 1,000 friends it is more of a networking tool to help you when you are in need of something. Most of these friends can be club and party promoters, physical trainers, or art show exhibitors in which you will only really for when you are trying to those kind of activities. The Art 110 Social Network came out exactly how I pictured it to be because only the people that I have done the classmate conversations tied strings to my node. I would be happy to have ten good close relationships with friends but if I can attain more close relationships than ten I would not mind. I have a little over 500 friends on Facebook and I interacted with them all on a daily basis before in my life. It was not all at once but I met my friends through going to a school, working with them, or meeting them through other friends. The weak ties between all my friends from Social Networks has definitely helped me out before when it came to getting a job or getting a good deal on an event.

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