Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Yingying Fu

Artist: Yingying Fu

Exhibition: The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean

Media: Canvas, Oil Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: @yingyingfuzhang


In this weeks artist conversation I had the chance to look at Yingying Fu’s art exhibition of “The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean” in the Gatov gallery West. Yingying Fu is a senior attending CSULB School of Art and is working on her Master in Fine Arts for Drawing and Painting. Yingying is a Chinese student that came to the United States three years ago and this exhibition is her senior project. This will be Yingying’s final semester at CSULB because she will be graduating after Fall 2016.

The exhibition consists of paintings of people at the beach enjoying their day and relaxing. The oil paintings were very colorful showing a lot of contrasting colors and texture in the paintings making them very nice. A few paintings had women laying on the beach getting a tan and relaxing on the sand.

The paintings are about Yingyings new beginning in her art work. Yingying had two traditional styled Chinese oil paintings that were very nice to show her cultural roots mixed with Southern California. The rest of the oil paintings were of people in a California beach relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. Yingying tried to emphasize on bright colors and free brush strokes on her oil paintings of the beach so they can symbolize the Californian sunshine.

I really liked Yingying’s oil paintings because it showcases her amazing talent and great use of bright colors to capture the California sunshine. All the beach oil paintings remind me of the beach like it was yesterday and entices me to want to go on the next sunny day. I really liked her traditional Chinese style oil paintings because they show great detail on the men’s robes and the trees. I also like how she incorporated a guy shirtless doing sit-ups to make that connection to Southern California.

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