Wk 8 – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

In this weeks Wednesday class meet up I had the chance to do some sketches at the Japanese Garden and I must say it was really fun. I had a hard time at first with trying to pick something to draw but once I had one down it became a little easier. This activity made me realize that as long as you have a pencil and a sketch book you can go outside and just sketch away. It does not have to be great but as long as you try, it has a very relaxing, stress relieving experience. The 30 second warm up sketches are the ones that took me the most time to draw because there was to many choices to pick from and didn’t know what to pick. In the sketch where you choose a a place of the garden to sketch I put in the most effort. It was easier to pick out an area that I liked and just start sketching it out. The hand sketch didn’t come out to bad but I kinda kept glancing down when drawing the lines of my hand. It is hard to go against what your body does out of reaction and letting go of what you don’t have control over. The sketch where we sketched the garden without looking down was easier to do because I did it after the hand sketching. I thought it was going to come out bad but once I finished it came out better than I thought it was going to be.

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