Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Wood Exhibition

Artist: Ingrid Gonzalez, Kyle Wallace, Quinn Nguyen, Joshua Smith, Ariel Maldonado, Laura Zhan, Martin Hernandez, Ryan Taber, and Brianna Pero

Exhibition: Wood Exhibition

Media: Wood, Lanp

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: Unknown

Instagram: Unknown

In this weeks artist conversation I was not able to meet any of the artists from the Wood Exhibition but I was able to meet Sam Medeires. Sam was at the Werby Gallery so he can answer questions for the Wood Exhibition. The artists that participated in the exhibition are students, staff, and faculty from CSULB that are part of the Wood program and CRAFTED Wood club. Sam Medeiros is an undergraduate student in the School of Art Sculpture program and he is working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts. Sam is the Vice-president and a shop tech for the Wood program. These artists explore different forms of art by using wood and trying to stick to its natural form.

There were nine displays of wood that was either furniture or art pieces and each art piece was for each artist. The furniture that was made from of wood was left with traces of the original tree in view. One of the tables had nicely cut and painted legs but the flat table was still showing the trees outer skin layer on the edges of the table. Another furniture piece was a small side table that had two drawers in it. The little table was not sanded off and painted so it still had the natural wood look. There were a couple art pieces that were a square and a piece of a wood trunk that was just left to look natural and just stained.

The artists were trying to explore new ways of considering design and making furniture as disciplines with blurred boundaries that are responsive to the nature of wood. This allowed them to show you the natural beauty of the wood without really manipulating the wood and leaving it as natural as it once was. The artists primary concern is ecology and how the biological nature of wood plays a role on ecology.

I really liked how the artists left a lot of their art pieces as natural looking as possible. It gives you the impression of how nature has a natural art to it. I also felt that their of use wood for their art pieces was very clever because they used its natural form to make their art or furniture piece out of the wood. These ingenious forms of art can be tied to green living that has started to become very popular. There is many new homes that are being constructed from recycled wood and they show the natural beauty since the pieces are old and weathered.

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