Wk 5 – Graffiti Writing


This weeks art activity was graffiti writing and we had the choice to do it at home or go to Venice Beach and paint on the Venice Beach Walls. I chose to go to Venice Beach because I can never pass up an opportunity to head to the beach and enjoy the day. I have been to Venice Beach a number of times but never really realized and saw these walls in Venice that you can paint or tag on. I had a really great time picking a spot and doing my own graffiti in Venice Beach. I chose a small wall a little wall away from the main walls to see how long it can last in that location. I first used the green spray can to cover up the old painting that was there before. After covering the old painting I started to tag my name with the red spray paint to get a start. I then proceeded to thicken out the letters in order to make them look more like bubble letters. I finally finished it by adding to crowns on top just for decoration. I had a great time doing this and it definitely made me want to do this again in my own free time.

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