Wk 4 – Automatic Drawing


In this weeks art activity we had the chance to do an Automatic Drawing with a partner. In the Automatic Drawing my friend Liz helped me out and it was fun to do this activity with her. At first we both did not know how to get the drawing started but with patience and some music playing in the background we were able to get it started. Both I and Liz kept laughing at first but eventually we got our laughs out and squiggly lines began to come out onto the paper. It was as if we had gained a connection and unknowingly without trying the pastel stick started moving and just making jagged and squiggly lines. We switched between the three different colors of pastel sticks on black, green, and yellow; each time we switched a little bit of time had to pass by in order for the lines to start coming out again. At the end of it all the paper had more squiggly and jagged lines towards Liz’s side of the paper. It is as if the lines were electrically attracted towards Liz. I forgot to take a picture of just the squiggly and jagged lines in the three different colors alone of the drawing.

After we were done doing the squiggly lines, we both decided to fill in together the same way but this time moving the pastel stick together with direction  to fill in the other half of the paper. We used the black pastel on the other half of the drawing in order to make it look like a painting that can be flipped on both sides. It was fun being able to use movements together in order to make something out of nothing from the drawing.



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