Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Cintia Segovia

Artist: Cintia Segovia

Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed

Media: Mixed media, Robot, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: cintiasegovia.com

Instagram: N/A


This week for the Artist Conversation I had the opportunity to meet Cintia Segovia at the art gallery Gatov-East. Cintia is a CSULB graduate student that is attending the School of Arts Photography program and is working on her Master of Fine Arts. Cintia is also a teacher at Cal State Northridge for arts and is involved with art projects. The last exhibition Cintia attended was at MOLA and it was her first time having her work exhibited in a museum. Cintia also earned a degree in Mass Communications in Mexico and had the opportunity to work behind the scenes in Mexican television. This gave Cintia the ability to learn many tech skills that she uses now when creating her art. Cintia’s art work explores Mexican politics and its culture; she likes to push uncomfortable boundaries people have hard time talking about. From left to right Cintia is third person on right on the featured image.

Cintia’s work was a mixture of “El Roboto” a little robot, a video being played on a projector screen,  and pictures being showed of words on a second projector screen. “El Roboto” moved around on its own and when it bumped into an object it asked questions the United States Government asks immigrants that wish to come to United States and become residents. The video being played by the first projector Cintia is portraying to be a Mexican reporter and uses the image of the media as to how it reports the news. The second projector had messages and pictures of issues with immigration and cultural stereotypes.

The little robots purpose is used to bring to peoples attention what a person has to put up with when they are trying to legally enter the United States and become residents. A few of the questions are, ” Have you ever helped kill a person? Are you an illegal alien? Are you a member of the communist party? and Have you ever been involved in acts of torture?”, these questions can make any person feel alienated and uncomfortable. Cintia feels that she can bring up these issues with her art by using humor and making the messages sarcastic. In the video being played by the first projector she uses the image of a news reporter to bring up issues of Mexican politics. It is a big issue in Mexico when it comes to classism and she uses a fictional well-off Mexican woman to portray the issue. It shows the Mexican woman saying that the native people of the regions need to stay out in the fields where they belong. Cintia feels that she can make an impact for the better by bringing these issues out into the light for everyone to be aware of.

I was really moved by Cintia’s art since I felt that it struck a cord at home for me. I feel that I can relate to the message Cintia brings in her art work because I have family in Mexico. It is sad to see how people can mistreat each other from different societies when their cultural boundaries are being strained. Mexico has had an issue of classism for as long as I can remember. The people that are successful in Mexico live elite lifestyles that leaves everyone else out to dry with little to spare. The little robot she used to spread the questions from the questionnaire immigrants take before coming to United States was a great idea. This robot shows how difficult the process can be for people to come to the United States legally. It makes me feel grateful that my parents immigrated to the United States and gave me the right to be an American citizen.





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