Wk 3- Classmate Conversation

In week three I had the opportunity to have my classmate conversation with Selena Lara. Selena classifies herself as a Chicana and does not want to be considered Hispanic. Selena is bilingual and speaks the languages of English and Spanish on a daily basis so she does not forget either of the languages. Selena’s major at CSULB is for Healthcare Administration because she wants to be the boss when she finishes school. Not to long ago Selena had a panic attack two semesters ago and learned how to deal with her panic attacks by going to therapy. In therapy Selena learned how to manage her anxiety and depression which has been very helpful for her. Photography has had the most influence in the way Selena is today. Art has a calming effect on Selena as well as a soothing and makes her feel at peace of mind. Photography also inspires Selena and she didn’t really see the beauty of it until after her depression. Selena feels that she wants to be calm like the photography she views.img_0905


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