Week 2: Landscapes with a Corpse

For this weeks art activity “Landscapes with a Corpse” I had my good friend Joe help me out in taking the pictures. I used his Toyota 4runner, his bike, and his driveway. The thoughts I had on these photos was of myself on a bike crashing into his car. When I was a kid I got into two bike accidents involving a car and felt that the third would be my last. There is a saying,  “third time is the charm” so I have always  feared getting hit by a car the third time. I feel as if the third time will take my life and there is no coming back from that. I thought that this activity would have taken a long time but once we positioned everything we did it in a total of about fifteen minutes. It was a fun activity while we were doing it because I felt silly laying on the floor as if I had  been in a wreck. This experience was good and would not mind doing it again because it brings out your creative side. Joe and I both put our ideas together as to what we wanted the photos to be and look. The feeling of seeing yourself dead laying on the floor can be a bit eerie even though you know it is not real. Every person is afraid in some way of their demise especially if you feel that you have not accomplished everything you want to do in life.


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