Week 2: Classmate Conversation

This week in class I met Janis Vernier and had the chance of getting to know a little about him. Janis is a foreign exchange student from Hamburg, Germany that is studying Illustration and game design. Janis came here to Cal State Long Beach to study abroad and learn about our culture first hand and also study illustration. Janis enjoys taking extra classes to learn more and it makes him feel more knowledgeable. In class we also had the chance to discuss if art is important, and in today’s world. Janis feels art is important because it can bring people together from all walks of life. Janis also feels that it is great when people spend their free time on art. He believes people can use art as problem solving methods for instability. Art can be important by making people sensible towards problems and issues. A good example is when controversial art is used to portray a message for a struggle that is to often ignored by people. Art can also relax people because they enjoy the art as it can come in many forms. Art can be images, music, poetry, stories, and graffiti to name a few different forms of art.  IMG_0874


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